TikTok – global fact-checking programme

As of May, 20th, 2024, Faktograf – Association for the Informed Public, becomes a part of TikTok’s global fact-checking programme, with the aim of helping the platform combat misinformation and supporting its effort to protect information integrity. 

As a local partner, Faktograf provides crucial support for consistent and accurate moderation, understanding local context, and will also empower TikTok’s community with authoritative information through media literacy and election integrity campaigns. 

With this partnership, TikTok’s Global Fact-Checking Program expands to 19 IFCN-accredited fact-checking organizations that assess the accuracy of content on TikTok in over 50 languages and in more than 100 countries worldwide. 

A harmful misinformation is strictly forbidden on TikTok, and Faktograf, being the fact-checking partner, will be responsible for making factual assessment of content, so that TikTok’s moderators can apply TikTok’s policies based on accurate understanding of the facts. The actions taken by the moderators include labeling content as unverified, making it ineligible for the FYF or removing from platform.

Faktograf.hr, as is the case with collaborations with other platforms, does not have the authority to remove content from TikTok, but provides TikTok moderators with additional information about the content.

Faktograf will also share intelligence reports that will help detect harmful misinformation on the platform as well as anticipate misinformation trends online.

By entering into this partnership, the Faktograf Association commits to continuing its transparent and impartial work in the fight against misinformation and contributes to the global effort to maintain the accuracy and reliability of information on social media.

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