The goal of the REDACT project is to understand the influence of digitalisation on the production, consumption, circulation and regulation of conspiracy theories throughout Europe, with a special emphasis on the way in which political, social and historical contexts shape the content, communities, consequences and responses to online conspiracy theories in various European regions. Through collaboration with fact-checking and disinformation monitoring organisations on a regional and European level, the ultimate goal of the project research is to provide locally relevant recommendations for these organisations, policy creators, media regulators, as well as for the internet companies themselves. Faktograf is involved in the project as a collaborating partner in Croatia and Faktograf’s executive director is involved in the project’s advisory boards. The project is headed by Clare Birchall from King’s College London, with Michael Butter from the University of Tuebingen, Elzbieta Drazkiewicz from the Slovak Academy of Sciences, Mari-Liis Madisson from the University of Tartu; and Nebojša Blanuša from the University of Zagreb (Faculty of Political Science) participating as regional team leaders. The project is financed through the CHANSE programme. European Union US Embassy