Faktograf - Udruga za informiranu javnost

AI and Disinformation

The project “AI and Disinformation” involves a study visit by the Faktograf team to the United Kingdom with the aim of exchanging knowledge and technological achievements related to the use of artificial intelligence in fact-checking and strengthening collaboration in the field of countering disinformation.

The project team will visit Full Fact, a fact-checking organisation, and the media laboratory Fathm in London. The study visit will enable discussions on editorial, political, and financial implications of using artificial intelligence in journalism and provide insights into further improving fact-checking methodology in light of the impact of artificial intelligence on the spread of disinformation. The project also includes a report on the study trip, which will be published on the Association’s website, and an online meeting with the regional network SEE Check, during which the main topics and conclusions from the meetings with British partners will be shared.

This five-month project concludes in March 2023 and is funded by the British Embassy Zagreb.